Pokemon Black and White (U) Download ROM

Welcome to my blog !

I’m so sorry because seldom to make a post. Because , I will do a National Exam.

okay. I will  show to you how to play Pokemon Black and White Version.

This game was very popular. Pokemon Black and White can be played with an emulator. Because that, you must download the emulator here.

If you finish download it, you can  download the game.

Pokemon Black here ( Maknyos.com )

Pokemon White here ( Maknyos.com )

And NO$GBA Cheat here ( the size is 1 kb )

Step to play :

  1. Open the emulator that was downloaded
  2. Extract the file in my documents
  3. Then, extract the Pokemon Black (PBV.rar) or Pokemon White (PWV.rar) too
  4. Don’t forget extract NO$GBA cheat in winDS Pro folder => NO$GBA folder )
  5. After that, open the WiNDS Pro. Click NO$GBA
  6. Next, click No$Zoomer
  7. Finally, choose what do you want to play, pokemon black or white. ( NDS Game have an extention .nds )
  8. But there is an error . You may click F2 and you will find cheats folder. You can choose the cheat depend the pokemon that you want play. Example : you play pokemon black. If you want to play it, go to cheats folder, and choose UTAMA ( black ) and 3DEM (black). Then reset catridge.
  9. You can play it !

I hope you can play it and happy with my guide. If you have a problem, you can ask ( leave a comment ) and I will answer it soon. Good Luck !

Thanks for visit !


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